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WOOCS v.2.3.2

Så här ser bettvärmarna ut nu!

Det nya tyget är mer läderlikt och hela konstruktionen har förbättrats och snyggats till en aning. 


På SIHS i helgen dansade teamryttare Ellen Stymne och hennes magiska Tanzbär till sig en tredjeplats i ponnyküren.
Stort grattis från Meëla!

The positive effects of a heated bit are very clear once you have tried it on your horse

Not surprising really, cold metal in your mouth is anything but a positive experience 

Neither for our hands

The bitwarmer includes a rechargable battery, made out of vegan leather and fastens on to the bit by using magnets. This is a beautifully designed and effective way to start each ride on a positive note!


”I love Meëlas bitwarmer! My horses are so much nicer and softer in the mouth right from the start of our training sessions. This is a ”must have” for riders!”
                           –  Ance Anna Katkovska
                                                Team Rider

Preheating the bit to 35 degrees celsius has shown a wide range of positive effects. Horses who have been difficult to put the bridle on will happily open their mouths after only 2-3 times with a preheated bit. 

This model fits straight bits such as snaffles and will preheat them to 35 degrees celsius in just over 10 minutes no matter the weather.

With a clean and stylish look in black and brown, the bitwarmer will match any bridle.
They come in size full and cob to match the size of your bit 

"This is a fantastic and innovative product ahead of it's time! A heated bit promotes the well-being of the horse wich leads to a better relationship and confidence to the bit. When the bit is properly heated, my horses offers a smoother contact and responds finer and more positively to my aids. Easy to use, stylish, luxurious and affordable!"

The bitwarmer comes in brown and black to match any bridle

Uppladdningsbart batteri som räcker i upp till 10 timmar

Heats the bit to 35 degrees in about 12 minutes no matter the outside temperature

Encourages your horse to have a positive association to it's tack

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