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One of a kind - Svart i stl Full

The outside looks just like the original model. But the inside has been slightly altered due to testing out a more efficient way to sew the bitwarmer. Funktionality is just the same but the extra hem on the inside gives you a lower price

The photo shows the alteration

This model heats straight bits and snaffles to perfect temperature in just over 10 minutes. So now your horse can focus on the work instead of getting annoyed about a cold bit.


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One of a kind - Svart i stl Full



Are you fed up with yet another season with cold bits and hands? 

By using this bitwarmer from Meëla you will not only give your horse a more pleasant experience when tacking up, you can also say good bye to cold hands. Simply press the powerbutton to get a perfectly heated up bit!

So how does it work?

The bitwarmer is designed to hang on the bit and closes with the help of magnets. When turned on, the bit will get heated up to 35 degrees celsius in about 10-12 minutes no matter the weather. As a safety precaution, it will turn off automatically after 30 minutes but it is also possible to turn it off manually if needed.

It is run by a rechargable batteri which can run for about 10 hours when fully charged. You know when it needs charging again when the powerbutton starts to blink when turned on. The battery will fully charge in about 2 hours.
This specific model only fits straight bits, ie snaffles of all kinds as long as it can be straight. So any types of anatomical or curved bits will not fit inside.


Why should you invest in a bitwarmer?

Your horse deserves the best! We know how uncomfortable it is to warm a bit up with our hands, it is easy to imagine just how uncomfortable it must be to have it in your mouth.

The results are clear! Horses who have done anything to avoid getting the bit will happily dive into the bridle after only 2-3 times with a preheated bit. A lot of horses have seeked a better and more steady contact during riding, and the general experience from riders is that their horses feels more relaxed and responsive from the start of the ride. A preheated bit has also solved several issues like unsteadiness and avoiding the bit by throwing the heads or not responding to aids.
It really doesn't come as a surprice that the bitwarmer only has recieved 5-star recommendations from trust pilot!

What do the experts say?
The bitwarmer is developed according to experiences from a horse dentist called Torbjörn Lundström. We also have a first official study done by a student from an agricutural college. The results showed a significant difference of positive expressions from horses when tacked up using a preheated bit compared to a cold bit. här


Size Full is made to fit bits that are 12.5 - 14.5 cm wide Size Cob is made to fit bits that are 10.5 - 11.5 cm wide Note that you can have a large but dainty horse and therefore need size cob. Please measure the legnth between the rings to be sure which size you need
Cob passar bett som är 10,5 – 11,5 cm

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